Struggling To Move Take Tramadol

Find out the dosage pattern of Tramadol for different age groups.

Tramadol is a well-known pain relieving medication and there are many dosage strengths in it. This drug allows people with different severity of pain and age to take the drug and get the most benefit from it. There are also extended release and immediate release versions in Tramadol medication.

Dosage strength for Adults

Adults with chronic pain should buy Tramadol in the dosage strength of 25 mg one time in a day. Increase it every three days to take 25 mg four times in a day. The increase, in the same way, to reach 50 mg four times in a day. The maximum dose per day is 400 mg.

 Dosage strength for geriatric patients

People whose age is 65 or more should take the drug with lower dosage strength. Those who are 75 or older should take the pill in divided dosages with 300 mg maximum in a day.

Dosage strength for pediatric patients

Those whose age is 17 years or above can take 50 mg or 100 mg of the time gap of four to six hours depending upon their requirement.  The maximum dosage strength taken per day should be 400 mg.

Renal dose

The dosage strength for the person should be increased after 12 hours. Circle would be lesser than 30 mil/min. The maximum dosage strength would be 200 mg for a single day.

The dosage strength for your health condition might differ from the above-mentioned case. Increasing, decreasing or doubling of tramadol dosage strength should be done only with the help of a health care professional. The dose between the immediate release and extended release variations would also vary. Only after examining the medical ailment, the appropriate dose could be identified and it can be taken by you.