Choosing between Oral and IV Tramadol

Tramadol OralA wonderful narcotic-like pain reliever, Tramadol aids in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. There are many reasons for tramadol being the first preference among people in treating pain and injuries. One of it is its ability to treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries. It can also be used for other medical procedures. Doctors prescribe this med in the form of oral and also as an intravenous formulation. This article discusses in detail about the difference between the two and also which one to choose between the duo when it comes to treating pain.

Tramadol is classified as belonging to the category of the non-narcotic type of drugs while it produces the effects that may be very similar to morphine and codeine. It has the extraordinary ability to treat pain such that it becomes the doctor’s first choice of medicine for pain management. The drug further has shown to treat symptoms of other medical conditions like anxiety, depression and also certain phobias. You can buy Tramadol online from our Tramadol online pharmacy to get authentic tramadol in different formulations.

Distinguishing qualities of oral tramadol

An individual prescribed with oral tramadol has varied choices to consider which are mentioned as below:

  • Tramadol tablets and capsules for both regular intake and as extended release formulations
  • Tramadol pills and capsules that comprise of acetaminophen and other agents
  • Tramadol tablets available as chewable, uncoated and low residue form
  • Effervescent powders
  • Powders to be used for compounding
  • Liquids either with or without alcohol which are to be used for sublingual

Most patients are usually prescribed to buy tramadol in the form of tablet or capsule only. If these formulations do not seem to work, the doctor would formulate any other type or compound that would be the best and ideal one for the patient. Tramadol is highly utilitarian even for breakthrough pain and so buying it for pain relief is considered essential.

Distinguishing qualities of intravenous (IV) tramadol

Along with tramadol being used as IV, people should know that it is also injected as well. To relieve a person from severe pain, a physician would administer or inject 100mg of tramadol in the form of injection. One research claimed that intravenously, tramadol IV is around 30% more potent than the tramadol oral formulation.
Below mentioned is the dosage information of intravenous tramadol

  • The dose of IV for a patient would be adjusted according to their health status like the type of pain a patient is enduring, an intensity of the pain and also their response to this medicine.
  • Tramadol in the IV form is to be employed only in adults and those who are above the age of sixteen.
  • When an IV form of tramadol is being administered, only one ampule is injected at once in a slow pace at the rate of 1 ml per minute, it can also be diluted on infusion.
  • Around one to four ampule is delivered in IV form. Despite a patient being given a 50mg or 100mg of active tramadol still doesn’t seem to have any signs of recovering from the pain, can be given an additional 50mg tramadol.
  • The effects of IV tramadol usually last for about four to eight hours depending upon the type and level of pain.

Regardless of the form of tramadol, both oral and IV form tramadol produce effective treatment results in patients and they could buy that which suits their condition. Choosing between the two though depends upon the patient’s age, medical condition and response to the form of tramadol which could be decided by the doctor only.